A Brief Overview About Us

Centenary Diamonds was founded by two ambitious women entrepreneurs who are passionate about jewellery. They believe that every woman in the world should experience the joy and pride of owning a piece of diamond jewellery. Our products are designed to reflect and embody the qualities of the women that wear them fierce, bold and breathtakingly magnificent. We specialize in designing traditional and authentic diamond jewellery . We do not want to be just another jewellery among countless others. We take pride in our products that embody our values and vision. You can choose from a wide variety of our exquisite designs that matches your personality and traits.
In an exotic and inspiring atmosphere, we break the boundaries of design, producing pieces widely acclaimed. Our designers aim at highlighting feminine beauty in each piece, developing a design of excellence through the symbiosis of drawing and technique. Our jewels are exclusive pieces which embody a unique style. We celebrate jewellery as aggregating and synthesising elements of symbolism and memory.

Centenary Diamonds designs pieces that will captivate forever. Each ring, necklace earring and bracelet embodies the singularity of the combination of a diversity of techniques and materials. They couple savoir-faire and uncompromising design – this means working with the best artisans is essential, as the aim is designing pieces featuring unique details and great symbolic value. Each and every piece of jewelry has been conceptualized and hand crafted to deliver pure class and authenticity for the buyer. IG certified jewellery speaks for its own aura and the level of sophistication that goes into making them.

About Our Founders

Our Founders Reshma Noor and Shifa Noor on completing their Masters in Business administration spent 10 years working in the business field. They then decides to invest in the design of exclusive jewellery, thus beginning a new chapter in their life. Both strong believers in the capabilities of women in business chose to start their new venture by focusing on employing more female power. A brand that caters to women , built by women. With Centenary Diamonds they aim to make jewellery that every woman yearns of owning .